Who we are?

The PVGroup.pl Group is a leader in Poland and one of the largest distributors of components for photovoltaic installations in Europe. The group's portfolio includes several companies located in Poland and other European countries. Also check out our brands like: The-Creative-Life.eu – the exclusive distributor of brand heat pumps TCL in Poland, and k500-systems.com. We supply equipment to both retail customers and installers who are looking for the best solutions for their customers. We have many warehouses in Poland and Europe to ensure the continuity of supplies in an efficient way. 

If you found us because you need a photovoltaic installation for your home, you've come to the right place! As the only company in Poland, we offer a comprehensive solution for the home, at attractive prices with a full guarantee. Our customer service department is always happy to help you choose the right set for your needs. Contact us now and see how easy it is! Solar sets are adapted for self-assembly and do not require specialist knowledge and permissions.

As the only one of the few companies, we have our own specialized technical service, which provides our customers with assistance in technical matters. We care about the satisfaction of our customers so that they feel safe when buying from a proven and experienced distributor!

What installations do we offer?

Sets dedicated to work with heat pumps.

Sets for maximizing self-consumption

Sets operating in UPS mode

Ready-made photovoltaic sets of solar micro-power plants

Are you interested in a heat pump?

Do you want to expand your installation?

Thinking about buying an energy storage?

Check out our Growatt energy storages! The sets are completed by our engineers, guaranteeing high quality for many years! We have energy storages prepared to work in UPS mode with hybrid inverters.


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For self-assembly


With a full warranty for self-assembly

Solar (network) power plants on the ground

Solar power plants on the ground with energy storage

Solar (grid) power plants on the roof

Solar power plants on the roof with energy storage

PHOTOVOLTAICS for 50% of the price


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